In and Around Chu Lai


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Q1 - Interesting building along Highway QL1 near Chu Lai. Click here to see another view of this same building minus all the power lines.






xQ2 -







Q3 - Chu Lai Airfield (1967).







xQ4 -







Q5 - Bob Hope Show at the Chu Lai Ampitheater (1967).














Q7 -







Q8 -







xQ9 -







xQ10 -







Q11 -







Q12 -







Q13 -







Q14 - Ann Margaret on stage. (1967)

(Ann Margret will be receiving the Bob Hope Award for Excellence in Entertainment at the 2011 Freedom Gala at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California on Feb. 26, 2011.)




Q15 - I'm guessing this photo and the next one were taken in Chu Lai. Maybe when you-all were starting to process back to the good ole USA. That is Mike Mijan in foreground.






Q16 - From left to right Jose Lopez, Wade Johnson, Jerry Lynch, Gregg Heacock, Mike Mijan, ???.







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